Three Officers and a Street -- the Overweight Truck Saga

Ever wonder if those overweight truck prohibition signs you see on Rancho Park streets like Little Overland north of Pico have any impact?  Who is minding that store?  Like the scofflaws who use dead automobiles for storage and illegally park on parkway aprons (that area between the sidewalk and the street), there never seems to be any patrolling, much less ticketing of overweight trucks violating the prohibited weight truck signs on our local streets.


But no more!  The Overland Avenue Community actively sought help in getting these overweight trucks from using our small street.  We monitored.  We took photos.  We complained.  A lot.  We wrote letters to the companies who had their name emblazoned on trucks illegally using our street.  And finally, we got action!


Thanks to Officers Reyes and Singhunate from downtown and our local WLA traffic Officer Rolson, ticketing was out in force today at Overland and Tennessee.  If you ever wondered how the officers are able to confirm the weight of a truck, check out the portable weight machines in the attached photo!

Why is this such an issue?  The road deteriorates much quicker, for one, leaving uneven surfaces and potholes.  The noise generated by the trucks is another.  Ever hear an SUV screech down your street at 6 a.m. on a Sunday?  Consider the noise (not to mention pollution) of a 16,000 lb. truck like the one in the photo.  Every few minutes.  The mature trees along our street get trashed.  The signs get dented.  Cars parked in the roadway get damaged.  And pedestrians get hurt.

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Comment by Eddie North-Hager on June 8, 2011 at 10:05pm
Great job working with your senior lead officers on fixing a true quality of life issues. We have larger streets for a reason.

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