Just when the ultimate task of street guerilla marketing was becoming dull, Bing Bing has managed to raise the bar even higher. Showing great ambition and dedication, the young artist woke up at 2:00a on Sunday 10/13/13 and walked from Lake & Washington to Eliot Middle School in Altadena to begin his mission. By 8:00a, people on his Facebook & Instagram were witnessing the journey unfold as they day grew in.

Fellow Pasadena artist C.O Chosen One accompanied Bing Bing on a bike as they trek'd through South Central Los Angeles. C.O took pictures and provided food & water. 

Bing Bing being the impulsive person that he is, told ThaWilsonBlock that he was going to walk 27 miles in attempt to unite Pasadena's music scene and to promote Breast Cancer/Mental Illness/Social Awareness. He was given the green light to do so on short notice and completed the mission. 

Bing Bing will be the first to tell you that he's fueled by adversity. He spontaneously embarked on an intense journey just to show the world how serious he is. But it wasn't just a walk. It meant a lot to him. When Bing Bing was 9 years-old, he was flown back to Los Angeles and was placed in Femy's Four group home in Gardena. He would attend 135th St. school that was 100 feet away from the home. Bing Bing moved from that home once he was diagnosed as being unfit for that particular program. He wasn't remedial. In 2005, Bing Bing was moved to a group home in Carson off of Avalon Bl and attended Gardena High School for a short time. So for Bing Bing to move to Pasadena and grow up to have this place be what he calls his home, DENA means more to him than the average citizen of Pasadena/Altadena.

Along the 27-mile journey, Bing Bing was not waiting up nor cutting any corners. "It wasn't until we got well into Broadway's industrial area that my body began feeling the effects. Nonetheless, I never let it stop me." But people still weren't convinced about Bing Bing. Some people criticized the young artist for "trying to be better than everyone else" while others just couldn't understand why he was doing it. Now, Bing Bing is talking about a 50-mile trek some time within the next 3 months. Like he said, he's fueled by adversity. 

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