The Wellesbourne - Rancho Park, West LA Meets Harry Potter's London


My Rancho Park hyperlocal  year kicked off with drinks at The Wellesbourne on Pico Blvd. First off, thanks to my friends and family who have been troopers when I inform them we can only go out in our West Los Angeles neighborhood of Rancho Park this year. Lucky for us, it really has not felt like a sacrifice. I imagine I will eventually include some of our north of Olympic neighbors, like Westwood and Sawtelle, but for now, I'm enjoying keeping my explorations close to home.


Now back to the bar. Great cocktails, plenty of seating and atmosphere to spare. Seems like a perfect venue for a trivia night.. You can enjoy  your drink, hold a conversation, play games and even read one of the many books lining the walls if you are so inclinced. Since I've been reading Harry Potter with my second grader, I really got into the Leaky Cauldron vibe of the place, particularly finding our bill hiding in an old book - very Hogwarts if you ask me.



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Comment by Rancho Park Online on January 31, 2011 at 8:21pm

I just went there on your recommendation - what an apt description - a Harry Potter bar!

One knock on the place. They serve Guinness on tap - but not in a pint glass.

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