There is talk about putting in median at overland and pico. Anyone else hear of this? Pico blvd does need to be beautified. Side walks are in need of replacement,etc. It is time the area looked more presentable. Your thoughts?  I wish the blvd looked more like Montana ave in Santa Monica. Just my opinion.

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Comment by Lisa Morocco on January 29, 2013 at 11:41am

Overland Avenue's reponse is correct.

The Westside Neighborhood Council started a Pico Beautification Plan 5 years ago. We hired a landscape architect and had numerous community meetings to discuss and shape the plan. The goal is to make Pico safer and more attractive and encourage folks to patronize all of the great Mom and Pop places along the way.

We successfully won a grant from Million Trrees Program and planted over 85 Flowering Pear Trees on Pico last February...some of which have started to bloom!

Our next goal is to win a grant from MTA for Pedestrian Improvements to Pico Boulevard. aspects of the plan include stamped crosswalks at major intersections, audible signals, sidewalk repair, pedestrian lighting at bus stops and yes, a median at Overland and Pico Northside.

This median is designed to not only beautify but signal to drivers that Overland north of Pico is a 30 foot wide street fronted by single family homes. Not appropriate for vehicles over 6000 lbs and to visually cue the driver that they are entering a residential area. It also provides harbor for those who mis time the crossing time at Overland. This crosswalk is one of the longest in the area.

The grant results should be announced by end of March and we are hopeful to win the day!

The entire Pico Beautification Plan can be viewed at

Pico Power Everyone!!!!!

Comment by Overland Avenue on January 28, 2013 at 7:39pm

There is a desire for an island north of Pico on Little Overland for purposes of demarcation from Class I Hwy south of Pico to Collector Street (30 foot wide street) north of Pico.  It is part of the Pico Beautification project sponsored by the Westside Neighborhood Council.  It is one of a number of projects to spruce up Pico, like last year's 100 Trees project that so many wonderful people from the neighborhood helped plant!


It's part of a Metro grant request in the works!  We hope people like you, who have interest in making this area of Pico look like Montana in Santa Monica or any cool, hometown street, would consider, as individuals, associations, or whatever, consider adding to our matching funds request.  Contact the Westside Neighborhood Council, for more information!

Comment by michael derek mccoy on January 26, 2013 at 9:39am

I believe with the Expo Line coming in, development will be inevitable. Whether or not it becomes like Montana ave, is a different story.

Comment by John A. Abel on January 8, 2013 at 10:44pm
Montana is not a major east/west route like Pico is so I doubt it will ever look like it nor would I want it to.I do like the abundance of small buisness owners along that stretch of Pico though and it's a bit more funky/real than Montana.
Comment by Rancho Park Online on January 8, 2013 at 3:37pm

Where did you hear about Pico getting a new look and who is talking? Attribution is important.

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