Hey Rancho Park Residents: The City of Los Angeles Wants to Plant You a Tree for Free

If you've been thinking about planting a tree in front of your house, now is the time. Rancho Park area streets have been identified as potential sites for planting free street trees under a new grant-funded program to mitigate the impacts of pollution from cars.


The trees will be supplied and planted by the city of Los Angeles. Residents  provide the water and care needed for the tree to become established, which the city estimates is five years.


Anyone interested can submit an online form which can be found in the tree planting section of the city's EnvironmentLA website. The site also features a list of trees that are acceptable for right-of-ways and notes that palm trees are not an option.


Once they get your form, the city will survery your location and determine whether it is indeed suitable for a tree ( they say some sites may be too small or have other limitations) and approve an appropriate tree selection.


If you recieved a letter in the mail about the project (as I did) you can also sign up by returning the post card provided. In the the letter project coordinator Amy Schulenberg with the Department of Public Works encourages anyone interested to apply and also asks people to spread the word to their entire street and neighborhood. She cites examples of new tree lined streets being created when residents collected signatures from neighbors.


Anyone with questions about the program can contact Schulenberg directly by email at  amy.schulenberg@lacity.org or by calling (213) 485-0527.


About four years ago, residents in my neighborhood worked with the Tree People to plant trees. We planted a tree in front of our house but it seems never to have grown in that time so I think we'll probably sign up for a new one. Does anyone have recommendations for what type of trees are best for Rancho Park streets? I'd love to hear your insights.



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Comment by Orli Belman on September 12, 2011 at 1:46am

Hi Sarah,

We've actually had the Tree People back out and an arborist friend of my neighbor took a look as well. The Tree People said to deep water, which we did for two  years, and the arborist didn't think the tree had taken for some reason. I will get a third opinion before we give up on it entirely. Who knows, maybe it is a true late bloomer. Thanks for the feedback and the advice to have our soil tested. That is a great idea that I hadn't thought of.

Comment by Sarah Hays on September 9, 2011 at 4:33pm
Hi Orli  -  I have Sycamores in my parkway because that is the main tree that is planted on my street.  Mine were not growing much either, but I discovered that it was because I was not watering the trees enough.  Sycamores are riparian and love growing near rivers and streams.  Now that I have started watering them deeply every once in a while, they are much happier and are growing well.  I don't know if that may be your problem or not.  It seems odd to me that Tree People would plant trees that would not thrive in a particular location.  Before planting another tree, you might want to have the soil tested to make sure that there is not something there that would inhibit growth of any tree.  Or talk with Tree People and get their recommendation.  Just a thought.

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