Possible Westside Pavillion Post Office Closure and a Send Off for Bob, My Rancho Park Postman

It is not every day you get a letter from your mailman, but that is exactly what arrived in many Rancho Park residents' mailboxes last week from Bob, our local mail carrier who for practically the last quarter century has dilengently delivered mail to the Rancho Park area south of Pico and west of Westwood Blvds.


"After 24 years of serving you, I will greatly miss you all," writes Bob. "It has been an honor and a pleasure to be your friend and mailman."


Bob is not retiring and fortunately, he is not losing his job. However, according to his letter, Rancho Park has had cut eight of its 30 neighborhood postal routes. This leaves some carriers, like Bob, with different Rancho Park routes and displaces some others from the neighbhorhood entirely.


In related Rancho Park postal news, the station at the Westwide Pavillion is among those being studied for  possible closure.


Bob's restructured route has him now delivering mail to the homes and businesses between Westwood Blvd and Overland Avenue. I believe he still keeps Midvale Avenue to  the west as well. 


I got a chance to speak with him on one of his last days in my yard, and he said that after 25 years in the neighborhood, he will miss the people he serves now and those he got to know over the years who are no longer with us.


"When I started there were a lot of newly retired couples in the area and now many of them have grown older and passed on," he said. "Too many people have died."


It is that kind of personal attention and care for his residents that make Bob such a special mailman.


We will miss you Bob and wish you well on your new route.


If you see him coming up your street, please give him a warm welcome. We will do the same for our new mailman.

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Comment by joann johnson on February 12, 2012 at 11:05am
Bob is a good friend and a co-worker....he complains everyday about his new route...and he misses all of his customers which he calls his friends...when he retires I will let you all know! I'm helping him throw a big bash on the beach in Hermosa!
Comment by John A. Abel on August 17, 2011 at 10:38pm
I live on Almayo(Beverly Glen and Pico and we lost our longtime carrier Jennifer to a route change a few years back.She was great as is the carrier Aaro who replaced her and now with the elimination of routes I fear we'll lose him also.The best PO in these parts is the little station in the rear of Rancho Park Pharmacy.
Comment by Overland Avenue on August 16, 2011 at 10:14am

Good human interest story and doesn't Bob bear more than a passing resemblance (at least in this photo) to Gerard Depardieu?!?

Comment by Carey Begbie Westerfield on August 16, 2011 at 8:00am

Hmmm...maybe Bob will be our mailman now.  (I live on Westwood.)  I'll be sure to let him know that his wonderful reputation precedes him if I see him.

I really hope the mall post office doesn't close.  I recently went to the Rancho Park post office (on Exposition) for postcard stamps and they had none.  How does the post office run out of stamps?!?!?!?  I tried the mall post office with success.  The lines always so much shorter (and as a result, the postal employees always seem more cheerful).

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